Four Proven Ways to Last All Night in Bed!

Four Proven Ways to Last All Night in Bed!

Every man has experienced a time when their performance was disapointing and faster than a speeding bullet. On average, men come within six minutes. Many different survey studies have shown that 28% of women cheat in relationships because they aren't satisfied with their partner sexually and emotionally. This is a lower percentage because not all women will admit to their infidelity and cheating. Infidelity has increased every year since 1990. You need to be able to last atleast 15 minutes if you want to be the safe zone.

Here are proven ways to last all night in the sack. Don't try it one time and say it doesn't work. Practice will make you last longer and give you the edge in bedroom.

1. Kegal exercises will strengthen your PC muscles.  When you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles you will have more control, stronger contractions, increase the distance of your shot. If you ever stopped your urine flow midstream you've just contracted your PC muscle. A simple way to start is to attempt to stop urine flow midway through. The muscles allowing for the pause in urination are the ones targeted by the Kegel exercises. You want to get to a point when you can contract you PC muscles and your penis will rise and bounce.  A more detailed explanation on kegal exercises and other techniques will be a topic for another blog post. There are many videos online to you teach how to do it.

2. You need to learn to breathe and relax if you want to last longer. Men ejaculate when they're tense. Women ejaculate when they're relaxed.  If you're panting like a dog in heat and your breathing is fast paced you need to be aware and relax the muscles in your legs, butt, back and pelvic floor. Tantra teaches belly breathing because it brings in more oxygen. Breathe from the diaphragm or chest and feel your muscles become less tense.

3. Practice lasting longer by pinching below the bell of your penis with your index finger and thumb for 3 - 5 seconds. This will help prevent you form ejaculation. This would be a good time to stop and change positions.  Men tend to last longer when the woman is on top. Experiment and try different positions that help you last longer.

4. When you need the edge in the bedroom try EpicNights. Excessive drinking and partying will drastical affect your sexual performance.  You can take one pill of EpicNights atleast 45 - 60 minutes before sexual activity.  Epic Nights will increase your confidence to last longer and have harder, fuller and stronger erections. It typically last approx. 24 hours on demand when you're aroused.

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